Our Story

Mynlyn was born after founder and creator, Hannah Robinett, desired to explore new outlets in her work as a conceptual artist.

"I've always had the dilemma of not finding jewelry that I loved. If I did, it seemed that everyone else had it. My desire is to design jewelry that is not only unique and artfully crafted, but limited in the quantity it is made. Each piece truly is distinct and a work of art. My new found love for 3D printing has allowed me to bring these ideas to life."

Hannah designs all her pieces in Brooklyn, NY. She then produces prototypes on her Makerbot 3D printer before sending them to Shapeways to be printed in Bronze, Gold, Sterling Silver, and Nylon. The process is meticulous yet she enjoys every minute of it. 

Hannah became particularly intrigued by minimal art and the actual process of creating when she moved to New York City in 2006 to pursue her career in art and design. "I have a great job as a designer at a tech startup but wanted to challenge my art in a new way. Since so much of my work is done on a computer, the idea of bringing what I create to a tangible form is intriguing. Combining 3 areas I'm passionate about - design, art, and tech - is a dream come true. I'm excited for mynlyn to provide some of the most unique and beautiful jewelry on the market."

Hannah and her husband, Ricky, live in the beautiful borough of Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn. They are proud parents of their daughter, Fay, and puppy pomeranian, Gif.

Necklace & ring macro photography by Tomi Omololu-Lange / Necklace model photography by Kirk Lawrence / Headshot photo by Claudine Williams
Necklace models: Alexis Ching, Bethany Norvell & Claudine Williams / Ring model: Moses Soyoola / Earring model: Julie Pennell